How to Keep a Boyfriend – Do’s and Don’ts

When you get into a relationship, the ultimate goal is usually to live happily ever after especially if you are in love with your boyfriend.

However, things can happen during the course of the relationship and make things take a turn for the worst. This may leave you feeling overwhelmed because you don’t spend as much time as you used to with your boyfriend; or because he does not call you as often as he used to.

Maybe you are even getting into arguments more often and you fear that the breakup talk will happen soon. Well, here are some tips on how to keep a boyfriend.

How To Keep A Boyfriend

The Four Do’s:

One: Take good care of yourself

There is that one thing that your drew your boyfriend to you; your beauty and presentation. Make sure that as the time goes by you do your best to maintain it. If he used to compliment you on your beautiful hair and shapely body but he doesn’t anymore, take a good look at the mirror.

Chances are that you have let yourself go or you are hiding it in frumpy clothes and ugly braids and caps. Take time and make yourself pretty to win your boyfriend back. Make him proud to present you to people.

Two: Support him through all the situations

There is a little boy inside of every man. This little boy usually craves for motherly kind of love and support. Make sure that you provide this for the man that you love by doing small sweet things for him.

For instance, if he plays say tennis, make sure you do not miss his games and if he happens to lose, tell him you love and support him anyway.

Three: Keeping the romance burning

This will depend on how intimate you two are. If you have already gone all the way, make sure that you make the experience new and different every time.

Just because you have been together for two years or more doesn’t mean your bedroom life should be boring. Buy lingerie and nice perfumes. Clean up real good and play the seductress in bed, do all other creative thing to turn him on. When things are exciting in the bedroom, he won’t want to leave.

Four: Respect him

One of the biggest turn off for guys, is a girlfriend who belittles them, especially in front of his peers or loved ones.

Learn to respect your man the way you wish to be respected. Even if you feel that certain things he does are not okay with you, or a way beneath him, do not express these feelings in public. Try and talk to him about it in a kind manner and see if he will make amends.

The Three Don’ts

There are certain behaviors that will make a man cross you off the list of the girls he wants to stay with for the long run. If you want to keep your boyfriend, avoid the following behaviors.

One: Always thinking about what he can do for you

Nobody likes feeling like they are being exploited. When you develop an attitude whereby you cannot help your boyfriend unless there is something in it for you, you start losing him. Just learn the beauty of ‘give and take’ and you will keep him.

Two: Being the jealous nag

Do you love hanging around your boyfriend’s cellphone, reading messages and asking about every female name in the contacts? Or maybe you feel that your boyfriend should make a full report of all his daily activities especially if girls were involved?

Well, don’t wonder why he is walking away. No one likes feeling mistrusted. Keeping tabs on your guy, makes him feel suffocated and irritated. A little jealousy is flattering but too much is simply irritating this is one of the reasons why relationships fail. Just trust your man and show him that you do and he will stay around.

Three: Arguing about trivial things and being the drama queen

Men hate girls that behave in a loud and obnoxious manner. Show a level of maturity both when you are in the house with him and out in the public.

Avoid cursing or swearing and getting into fights over small inconsequential things. In short, just be a lady and he will treat you like one and stay.

When you follow those dos and don’ts on how to keep a boyfriend, teary breakups will be a thing of the past for you.

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