How To Meet Girls Online

Most men think that getting to meet a hot girl online is a difficult task. Well, it is not hard to meet girls online, you just need to follow the following simple steps and for sure you will hit that jackpot in no time.

Meet Girls Online

But the first thing you need to do is to open an account in any of the numerous social network sites where you can get these girls. You can either open a account in Facebook, MySpace or any other social networking sites plus in dating sites and then follow the following steps.

Upload a Good Profile Picture

A good profile picture is the most important thing to attract beautiful women. The moment you inbox her, the first thing she will do is to look at your profile. If you have that hot profile picture she will reply to your inbox and there you go. You don’t need to be the Mr. Handsome, just use your best pitcure with proper outfits.

Upload Photos You Posed With Hot Girls

Your profile picture can either be one of those photos and then you should also scatter some on your albums. Let the girls online know that other hot girls like them also enjoy being in your company.

You can either take these photos while at the beach with girls in bikinis or when out on a party among other fun places. The girls online would also wish to experience these fun and they will wish to be associated with you and hence making things easy for you.

Keep You Ex’s Photos

Unfortunately, some guys delete the photos of their exes from their albums. You should not do this. You need to keep this photos as way of making girls online comfortable to meet you. To assure them that you are a good person who can have good relations with women.

Maintain a Positive Timeline

By saying this, you need to ensure that your timeline is dominated by positive posts especially from hot girls. You can choose a few plutonic friends and you can even collude with them to be sending these posts to you. This will make these girls interested to know more about you hence pulling them close to you.

Post About Your Hobbies On Your Profile

Include your hobbies on your profile. Most girls love basket ball players, or rugby players, swimmers, soccer players among others. Make your profile portray you as a guy who is out going and not dull and this will show them that you never bore people.

Delete the Negative Wall Posts

There are at times when some friends or old girl friends post nasty things about you on your wall. Delete them as soon as they have been posted and same to bad looking photos. If you keep them, they will portray a negative side of you and no girl will love to be associated with a person who has been portrayed negatively. Ensure that there is nothing on your profile which portrays you to be low on social value. Your profile should present you to be a good guy, a person with class and fun to be with.

Remove Your Relationship Status

Keep your relationship status single, if you update it as being married, or in a relationship, this will drive the girls away. Nobody wants to share a spouse, so keep it single all time. When they see your relationship status as being single, they will come close to you and even ask you about your personal life. When she does so, do not waste time, she is showing some interest and do not let her slip away.

Show Them You are a Busy Guy

To enable them know this, do not keep updating your status every other time because this will show that you spend so much time on the social network maybe looking for girls and it will also portray that you are an idle person. Let them know that you have other things to do.

Avoid Opening New Accounts Every Now and Then

Maintain only one account which shows that you are a genuine guy. Serial killers and other criminals use social sites to meet girls online and may be rape them and girls never associate with people who have a shallow profile or timeline.

Ensure that you have been using your account for about a month or to convince girls that you are a good person. Some girls cannot meet a guy who they have not had a chat together for less than maybe a week or two. Maintain contact with these girls as you convince them to have a date with you.

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